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Santander Bank, N. A., formerly Sovereign Bank, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spanish Santander Group. It is based in Boston and its principal market is the northeastern United States. It has $57.5 billion in deposits, operates about 650 retail banking offices and over 2,000 ATMs, and employs approximately 9,800 people. It offers an array of financial services and products including retail banking, mortgages, corporate banking, cash management, credit card, capital markets, trust and wealth management, and insurance. Sovereign Bank was rebranded as Santander Bank on October 17, 2013; the stadium, arena, and performing arts center for which it has naming rights were also rebranded.

Sovereign Bank has terrible customer service and inefficient methods, Rich Temple shared his experience on

"Did you know it could take almost 3 hours to open a savings or checking account, as well as add one name on to a safe deposit box access? I didn’t either until I arrived at this bank. I would cut them a little slack because we were replacing an account that had a fraud perpetrated upon it, but still… Every process is woefully inefficient, there is little regard given to customer experience, and the bankers adjoining the banker we were dealing with were so noisy that I couldn’t hear the banker that I was talking to. This bank seems to do everything they can to make the banking experience MORE difficult and, subsequent to our lengthy visit when I had to call their customer support to reinstate our e-banking account they hung up on me twice after long wait times on hold. Stay away from these folks – if there’s ANY other bank nearby, go there instead!"


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Senior Project Manager (Risk Data Aggregation) says

"The company has extreme over turn. People come and go there weekly and the people that stay are not necessarily the top performers but are those that are usually bi-lingual, understand those Latin and South America culture and can blend in with the Mexico and Spin workforce. There is a company called Everest that is owned by one of the board members and it seems that they have an in getting people in and getting their contracts extended Pay well for contractorsConstant layoffs, high contractor turnover and not very good training"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"If I could give this 0 stars, I would!! Save yourself & don’t apply to this bank! They don’t care about you, they only care about you making them money!PotlucksDon’t care about your personal life, everyone who moves up is because they know someone, no help, don’t care about employees"

Senior Collector (Former Employee) says

"i left ob STD and later changed it to disability claims while out for medical and i was terminated. So no security there. The benefits are not accurate get along with everyoneno job security"

Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Trying to explain poor systems to uneducated management is pointless. They squeeze the life out of you and have no regard for work/life balance. No employee can reach their potential if the proper tools are not provided, inadequate systems and management is setting anyone up for failure."

BOM (Former Employee) says

"Santander is not a place where you can grow within the company. Real managers are extremely hard to come by. Cannot trust anyone. For some odd reason managers want to see each other branches fail. Management is to busy talking out of both sides of their mouth to recognize real talent. If you do not have a solid team, you will fail. I would never ever recommend working at Santander Bank. Wasted a lot of my time with the company. PLEASE do not waste your time.FriendsLack of professionalism within Districts. Low pay. No work life balance."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Muy mala la calidad de vida una vez que entras a trabajar con ellos ya que no te permiten tener tiempo para tu vida personal , todo es trabajo urgente y sin planeacionPrestacionestrabajo con estrés todo el tiempo, mala calidad de vida"

Operations Director (AVP rank) says

"Management is all from Spain they place no value on workers at any level especially when you aren’t a Spaniard expect manager meetings to be 20 minutes late because your boss is getting coffee with her boss and he’s more important that you. I’m amazed that things work the way they handle things."

Branch Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"worked here for 6 years... hardly had a lunch or a day off they thanked me by letting me go! while they knew a manager was forging customers signatures ... she got a raise and a bonus ... i got the door!! i won’t trust them with my moneynoneeverything"

Bank Teller (Former Employee) says

"I started on my very first day eager to penetrate the banking industry. It was completely different from my last job and career path in the food service industry. Training was great for the most part. I trained at a branch in Bryn Mawr and every single person I met was bright and encouraging and helpful and positive and kind. Especially the manager. Training was tough only because it was computer based and the first time being trained inside a branch"

Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"do not work for this company i have disabilities and the company does not take any of them into consideration and also the manager at Leamington Spa is the worst manager i worked for and emotionally abused me and the company does nothing but support her to a point i had to resign."

Senior Licensed Personal Banker (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, no professionalism or dedication to customer satisfaction pressured customers to open checking accounts that were unnecessary since they already had one opened BaslstockholdersNoneNo support"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Unfair, unprofessional people, overworked. Egomaniac general counsel forged his experience on linked in and ran nice general counsel off, and moved HR bimbo to run legal department. Rat race work environment with people sitting on each other. Shameful!NoneTreated like garbage"

Reinstatement Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"When your corporate collections manager is so arrogant and then goes to prison for illegal transfers and your CEO gets let go because you’re not paying attention everything falls downward"

Loan Officer (Former Employee) says

"no room for growth - antiquated operating systems - poor products and terrible managers -no support would prefer working at a private mortgage company"

Analista de Business Intelligence (Former Employee) says

"Empresa com hambiente muito bom. Local muito bom, próximo do metrô."

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"never seen such poor management in my entire career, have no regard for the staff and cannot do theior jobs, lie about many things and do not give customers information they have on PPI products"

Collections Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Don't expect to be trained properly and don't worry if you start to struggle they've already hired your replacement And if you're sick or have an emergency don't bother calling out Just find another job andMBtheyemergency in 48 hoursThey always have potlucksUnfortunately the potlucks are there to distract you from how outdated everything is in that place"

Bank Teller (Current Employee) says

"Customers are disrespectful, you'll go out of your way to help them as much as possible but they're disrespect you. Needs better management! They dont care about their employees, very stressful and alot of work."

Enhanced Personal Finance Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Look else where, management in that place aren’t great and love giving disciplinaries out like it’s a punishment exercise and so it gives the managers a job to do or either escape their daily work. Such a tense and very fake atmosphere. Managers are paid to sit on their phones and business managers are paid for putting Christmas trees up around the office at Christmas.... and to walk round the office looking good"

Float Teller (Former Employee) says

"Santander is one of the few banks where you can get promoted if you either have an affair with your mgr or regional mgr or if you have connections. Otherwise forget about being promoted. Most of these jobs are posted just to be legally compliant ,the candidates are selected long time ago. Branches are always short staff. Rel"

José Márçio Góis Martins says

"I was so happy with the bank and I gave them 5 star ratings before not it’s 1 star is this because they are ripping the customers off there interest-rate has gone done from 1.50% to 1% to 0.80% to 0.50% then 0.30% and on the cash back there was no limit to what you could get back from your bills it’s now only £5 Per group but they wad still charging else the same price that’s a no no for me before they done this I was getting back a month £27 - £5 = £22 now a month I get £11.50-£5=£6.50 That’s a big lost for me of £15.50 I’m now going to move away from the bank I would to wish them all the best of luck"

host says

"I tried to buy breakdown insurance for my car no problem until went to use my card . Confirm on santander app don't work . I tried to login on Santander again no way This is not the first time. Santander is bloody useless"

Mark says

"The most inept customer service provider I’ve ever experienced"

Simon James says

"Terrible Service. Website down as is the mobile app. Told to call waiting for phone to be answered for one hour. Just not acceptable."

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